Meet the Residents of Fortnight . . .

Ephesus Cooper -- Minister Phe is known around town for her style, shoes, and attitude. She's come home to help her Mother at Cornerstone Worship Center, while juggling her career as a University Professor. Ephesus is just about to publish a book on being single when she meets the man who can change her mind. The whole town wants to weigh in on her decision, especially her mother.

Aurora Blackshear Cooper -- took on the church and much of the community when her husband drowned. After 30 years of  being the uppity woman, preacher she's looking forward to turning it all over to Ephesus. She's in favor of her daughter having someone by her side to help, but he has to be the right somebody. 

Cornelius DuBlaim -- has come to Fortnight to help his aunt after a tragic loss. As soon as she's on her feet he intends to leave. But a short woman with a ready smile makes things complicated. As he feels his control slipping, Cornelius wonders if he's free to love her.

Malcolm and Lisel Mitchell -- it's been more than a decade since Ephesus walked in on her fiance and her roommate. She thinks that's all behind her, until the Mitchells move back to Fortnight. Now the rivalry between Ephesus and Lisel is only just beginning.

Iris DuBlaim -- has just lost another child but refuses to find solace in her nephew. He brings back memories she'd rather forget. When he begins spending time with Ephesus Cooper she gets nervous. The DuBlaim men are all the same, easy on the eyes and hard on the heart.

Tiana Brogden -- gave birth to a baby girl. It should have been a happy occasion. But, the fact that she's fifteen and that her baby's father died on his way to the hospital is more than anyone should have to handle.

Della Brogden -- told her youngest daughter to leave that DuBlaim boy alone. Now she's just like her sisters. Tiana is living with her mother in a tiny apartment and has brought home another mouth to feed.

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