The Book of Ephesus
The Story:

There was a man in the Bible who was asked by God to do Him a little favor. Hosea's instructions were to marry a prostitute as a metaphor of God's love for His unfaithful people. I was fascinated by the tale and wondered what it would take to make a devout priest hook up with a lady of the evening, the morning, and according to the story, the afternoon. I fast forwarded it a bit in order to contemplate what this relationship would look like in our world. Then I flipped the script and made the Holy man, a woman. Ephesus Cooper is a very straight arrow in a crooked world. She's done every thing right, including an M.Div and a Ph.D. She's even come home to Fortnight to help her mother, the Pastor of Cornerstone Family Worship Center. Now that Ephesus is home everyone is wondering why she's not married. Ephesus is wondering that too. A tragedy brings Cornelius DuBlaim to town. He's intelligent, kind, handsome and most of all available. They make a great couple--until his past is revealed.

The Conception:

I first started dreaming of Ephesus in 2004. Tina McElroy Ansa was holding her Sea Island Writer's Retreat and graciously invited me to attend.

The Cover:

Marta L. Sanchez created the cover for
The Book of  Ephesus. Marta was in my first class of students at Spelman College. I assigned a final exam project in a course called 'Images of Women in the Media.'  This final exam asked the students to imagine an image of a woman who was whole and respected--something we found missing in the caricatures of women projected by mass media. Marta's creativity caused her to paint her first piece on her apartment wall. She brought me a picture of that image and I was struck by her talent and insight. Marta began painting in earnest and even a law degree wasn't enough to keep her away from the brushes. I was able to purchase one of her first pieces of art. I could not have been more pleased when she agreed to bring  my vision of Ephesus into the world in oil and on canvas. Please check out the artistic vision of Marta L. Sanchez.

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