We hid underneath the covers at night with flashlights and read long past our bedtimes. We had little plastic wallets so we could flip them open with the right amount of attitude and dazzle the librarians with our borrower's cards. While others dreamed of Emmys or Grammys we thought about book tours and cover art. We entered writing contests recommended to us by teachers and even those we found on the back of cereal boxes. We keep writing, sometimes in spite of our day jobs and sometimes to spite our day dreams. We keep writing because we just can't help ourselves.

My first novel, The Book of Ephesus, debuts from Kith & Kiln Media. The cover for the book, The Dream of Ephesus, was created by Marta L. Sanchez. Click on the links above to find out more about me, more about the book, and to read an excerpt. Click on the screen below to view the book trailer. Click on the link to Kith and Kiln Media to purchase an autographed copy.


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